Bme Pain Olympics

BME Pain Olympics: Final Round

There is a hoax Internet viral video entitled BME Pain Olympics: Final Round that has nothing to do with the actual Pain Olympics. It has been viewed by a large number of Web surfers and has been the subject of reaction videos on sites including YouTube. In the video, two men are seen performing self-genital mutilation. The original video, hosted on BMEzine, displays a message at the end confirming it is fake, however most of the other versions of the video on other websites do not have that message at the end. After a recent schism between the owners, BME no longer provides many of the April Fools' Day Publishers Ring articles, including the one announcing this video as a prank.[6] Since the article is no longer hosted, neither is the video which, while very graphic and contains some real content, is not 100% authentic. Other April Fools' Day articles in the past have included identical twins swapping body parts and a couple biting each others fingers off as a sign of commitment.[7]

The video of the two "competitors" seem to be taken from actual footage of EREBLI[8] and Kokomi.3k[9] but have been doctored to make them look more intense than they actually are.

The song "Livin' Like a Zombie" by Mortification is played in the video.

The Pain Olympics is one of the events that occasionally occurs at BME BBQs, especially BMEFest. It is a contest to see who has the highest pain tolerance and stamina where the contestants come from a group of familiar people. Much like drinking games, these are performed at the contestant own risk as a rite of passage, but unlike drinking games, it is often done by totally sober people.

Rites of passage involving pain tolerance have been documented from the earliest of human records[1] and as such, the Pain Olympics can hardly be called new or genuine. What sets it apart from others such rituals, like Kavadi or the Phuket Vegetarian Festival[2], is that it is rarely done for spiritual enlightenment, but rather out of curiosity and sport. In addition, Pain Olympics are almost exclusively held by those people attending BME BBQs and are usually well photographed and video recorded for and there generally is no prize for winning other than notoriety.